18. července 2012 v 18:03 |  In English
It is strange when all the left is yourself
And you are left by yourself, to do whatever you please
except that nothing can please you

And you can please nothing, because while still breathing
deep inside you are long dead
you were never born
you are not
I am not

Those life sparkles dance my body
It´s life hopeless, short and bloody
To be a part what´s not there
less than nothing to be mere

Where is the end, is there any?
I know many, many many
but in fear do my thoughts glimpse
right like all the other things

those for others, for me not
for me glacier is hot
for me there is no respite
from the things I can´t do right

universe, you unforgiving
you uncarig beast!
You gave me life, but not living
to be the thing least!

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